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A quaint sword owned by no one else but you?

Long have I been dedicated to history and fencing. At times when knighthood flourished, the sward was not only a weapon but it also epitomised the one who wielded it. It was a testament not only to his loftiness and nobleness of his lineage, but also to the current status. It represented his wealth, status and popularity at court. Each and every one such sword was a unique masterpiece of a skilled and experienced swordmaker. Over the years, even the lowborns could gird themselves in swords on some occasions. However, quality, crafting, and embellishment of such swords were inferior to the above mentioned ones, not to mention how they performed in battle.

Since nowadays much emphasis is put on safety, my swords, even for the lowborns, are crafted meticulously, with attention to every detail. Well, there is no need to kill each other any longer; therefore some of the parts, i.e. the edge and the point of the blade, are blunt intentionally. Thus are made stage props, training swords, as well as fully functional replicas of weapons. For all of these it is necessary to carefully consider their purpose and usage.

I will gladly forge a sword which will meet you expectations in terms of the historical epoch, adjusted to your proportions and build, fencing skills, and the respective purpose and use. In my spare time I study, renovate antique originals, and so after twenty years of experience in the craft I can boldly claim that I will not fail you.

By special products I mean weapons which appeared in films, not only the historical ones but also fantasy or science fiction ones, based on books, comics, and so on. Needless to say, not all is feasible. Yet, I like to experiment, and why not try something new and move the craftsmanship and skill further ahead. Apart from the mentioned above, this category includes also the swords crafted according to the fantasy of the respective customer.

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